Davor Kerenec – DJ Kepena is one of the pioneers of the electronic music scene in Novi Sad and the region. He started his musical career as a very young man, in the early 90’s in Novi Sad’s Club Dandy, where he was resident DJ for a long time. His creativity in the field of electronic music has always been enriched by the fact that he played guitar for many years in various Novi Sad bands, such as Dragička, Alice’s WonderBand and Tontina. At that time he started working for the Novi Sad TV channel NS plus – 3P as a presenter and music editor of the show “Hit Dana”, which dealt with current events on the music scene in general. It is important to note that he is responsible for the promotion and spreading of new directions in electronic music during his long-term engagement with Novi Sad radio stations Dunav and Signal. Over time he has performed in all major clubs and venues that promoted electronic music. Today, his musical expression is characterized by deep and tech house. He is actively performing in clubs which promote underground culture, and is a member of the Novi Sad electronic duo SEXoLOGic, which experiments in the field of music culture through live act with instruments, in order to musically define human relationships and sexuality.
“If music is your drug, he is definitely Your dealer…”


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